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Terms of registration:

  • The online version will come with a replay, with the possibility to write ask your question(s) live during the conference (if you have do you have questions) and introduce yourselves to Michel and Liliana ahead of time. They'll do their best to answer as many of the questions asked as possible within the time frame we'll have.

  • There is no refund possible. If needed, you may find a friend to transfer your registration too, with my confirmation.

  • Registration is finalized once the course fee (or the first 200€ for those paying in two times) is paid via bank transfer or via the website payment platform.

  • In person registration also gives access to the live online version of the course, in case a participant wishes to be present in person for only part of the event, or is not sure to be present in person. The fee isn't affected.

  • In the unfortunate event of a health issue on the teachers side, making it impossible for them to give the course on the scheduled date, the event will be postponed and the participants will be offered a 10% discount as a compensation for the unexpected change of dates. The access to the replay will also be extended by 1 month. Should the teacher(s) health make it impossible to reschedule, the participants will be offered access to the recordings of the 3 previous editions of the course, to watch at their own pace, over the period of 3 months, as well as a refund of 20% of their registration fee.

  • In the event of a pandemic or unexpected event beyond our control limiting the spots for the in person participants, the access in person will be given to the ones who did their full registration first. In such event, those whose participation is transferred to online will get a refund of the price difference (the online pricing being 340€).

  • The returning participant pricing is open to those who attended the sessions organized by me in the past.


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